Dad replaces teenage daughter’s vodka with water, plan backfires

This British father thought he was outwitting his teenage (but hopefully over-18) daughter when he pulled this prank on her.

Suspecting his daughter had stolen his favourite biscuits, he went looking for them in her room where he discovered a bottle of vodka she was saving for her night out.

As revenge, he decided to replace the vodka with water. Because that's good parenting?

Unfortunately for him, the plan backfired quite spectacularly.

Posting as Bob_slefty on Reddit, he writes:

“My teenage daughter has a nasty habit of eating my cookies. She knows they’re my special cookies but she doesn’t care. If she finds where I hide them, she eats them. The other day I went to my special cookie hiding place and found that, yet again, she had eaten them. I went up to her room in the vain hope that she might have left me perhaps one but sadly, no.

“What I did find in her room though was a bottle of vodka, obviously bought in preparation for her going out later that night. Ha! I thought to myself.. Steal my cookies will ya? Right, two can play at that game. So I emptied the contents of the bottle into an empty bottle I had and replaced it with water and screwed the top back on tightly and slipped it back into her bag.

“I chuckled to myself at the thought of the disappointment that she and her friends would be experiencing in a few short hours. That evening, I waited for her call but there was not a peep. The next day, when she came back, I asked her how her evening had gone. “Oh,” she replied, “it was weird… we had some vodka but when we drank it, it was water!” Grinning to myself but giving her my very serious dad’s face, I asked what they had done. “Well,” she said, “we just took it back to Tescos and they replaced it with a new bottle for us!” WTF Tescos?? A bunch of teenagers come in with a bottle of water and you replace that with a bottle of vodka?? FFS..”

While you might rightly think this all a bit suspicious - why would Tesco just replace the vodka?

To banish any doubts people might have, he updated the post with a picture of a letter that Tesco Customer Service in Dundee, Scotland, then sent his daugher apologising for the inconvenience.

Looks pretty legit but, of course, these kinds of things can be faked. The dad writes that he has since told his daughter what really happened and she has promised to stop stealing his biscuits.

So all's well that ends well, we guess.

By Ciara Flaherty

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