Dad bribes daughter to quit Facebook

Is this a good idea or an example of bad parenting?

Paul Baier, a vice president for an American energy firm, drafted up an agreement for his 14-year-old daughter in order for her to stay off Facebook for six months.

The contract agrees to award her $200 if she can do it. She gets $50 in April and another $150 in June.

It turns out that it was her own idea as she wanted to get a job and focus more on school.

We love the bit in the contract where she plans to use the $200 for "stuff".


As you can see from Paul's blogspot, it has sparked real debate about parenting in his comments (some of them below) with some raising the valid question of whether the girl will just create another account in a different name.

Newspapers and radio stations in the States have been clamouring for an interview with the dad, and it has sparked attention on Twitter from all over the globe.

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