Could this be 2FM's most awkward radio interview?

At this stage, it’s well-known that RTÉ Two’s First Dates Ireland is an awkward watch.

So much so, pillows and tea-making breaks are a necessity - especially during tonight’s date between Amy Maria and Phil.

Phil, who is known for appearing on Irish show Tallafornia, meets Louth mum-of-one Amy Maria and it isn’t long before talk turns to appearances with the pair discussing everything from wearing makeup to penis enlargements.

Ahead of tonight’s screening, the duo came face to face once again on The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene to chat about their date - which is safe to say, didn’t exactly go swimmingly.

Amy Maria revealed to the radio hosts that she wasn’t impressed when Phil turned up hungover having been out the night before then proceeded to be what she felt was ’derogatory towards women’.

’He not my type’ she said.

’I was an idiot, I regret saying some things. I apologise’ Phil said.

Forget the date, this may be the most awkward radio interview, ever. 

We'll let their body language do the talking …

By Anna O'Donoghue

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