Cork radio show rings up telephone scammers - and gets a 'lovely' reaction

You may remember around 10 days ago that Gardaí warned about a telephone scam where a caller rings to say they are from the Revenue and they are looking for an immediate payment of a tax bill over the phone.

Gardaí said that this person is not calling from Revenue and the phone call is a scam.

Well, a local radio station was getting a lot of callers highlighting the scam - so they decided to give the scammers a call.

The Neil Prendeville Show on Cork’s RedFM released the audio of their conversation with the scammer, and the language gets a bit fruity at the end.

Neil pretended that he had got a call from them on Friday, and he was returning their call asking why he had not been arrested yet.

Pretending to be Neil O'Connell, he asks for Martin Anderson, who assures Neil that the police officer, or Garda, will be there within two hours.

When he's told that the guards were too busy arresting others to get around to detaining Neil on Friday, Neil then quickly asks Martin: "I wonder when will the guards get around to arresting you?"

Let's just say his reply is NSFW.

Remember, do NOT give out your credit/debit card, bank account, or PPS Number to anyone who makes contact with you over the phone.

For more prevention advice in relation to this matter and all other areas, visit the Garda website, or

By Peter Towe

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