Charlie Sheen: I'm in Dublin for three reasons

Watch out Dublin - Charlie Sheen is in town, and he’s drinking Guinness.

To say the crowd at the Olympia last night were happy to see the eccentric star would be quite the understatement.

Screams of delight greeted the tiger-blooded star as he introduced Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, featuring Slash on guitar.

Sheen was no doubt repaying the favour his pal did for him by adding some rock n'roll glamour to Sheen's comedy roast entrance (not safe for work this one - Seth MacFarlane rarely is).

Clearly touched by the raucous welcome, Sheen said: "I’m here for three reasons.

"To remind Colin Farrell I’m still alive”, “to have a pint of the finest Guinness our ancestors brewed” and to introduce Slash - “the greatest guitarist in the history of sound”.

We've a feeling we haven't heard the last about Charlie's trip to Dublin.

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