Cartoonist creates comic strips on Starbucks cups

By Greg Murphy

We’ve heard the stories about Starbucks and their issues with people’s names, but this cartoonist has set out to put a smile on coffee lovers' faces.

Josh Hara started a fantastic project earlier in the year called '#100CoffeeCups'.

The aim of this project is turn the Starbucks cups that people throw away, into works of art.

The creations vary from coffee-based jokes, to pop culture references and hilarious tid-bits from day-to-day life.

Once he is finished with each cup, he posts a picture to his instagram page for people across the world to see.

Some of our favourites:

Girraffe Problems

Giraffe problems #100CoffeeCups

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I'd jump on a grenade to protect my family. Especially if that grenade is a bowl full of mini candy bars.

The male population would be gone in a week if this monster existed.

Some trees lose their leaves a little faster than others.

She loves it!

She loves it #100CoffeeCups

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Happy belated viral story about a woman who had plastic surgery to add a third boob to get a show on MTV that turned out to be a hoax cartoon! On a coffee cup!

Tragedy is everywhere

Tragedy is everywhere #100CoffeeCups

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Anyway, blood everywhere.

Anyway, blood everywhere. #100CoffeeCups

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Coffee makes the impossible possible.

Coffee makes the impossible possible. #100coffeecups

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Start your day with a shot of Espresso! Happy belated #nationaldogday

Check out Josh Hara's instagram page for more great pictures.

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