Candyfloss ice cream burritos will either make you salivate or hurl

Burritos are so hot right now that seemingly everyone is trying to get in on the Mexican action: everything from sushi to burgers have been appropriated into burrito form.

The latest creation to be offered up for your gastronomic delight (or horror) is the candy floss ice cream burrito.

It pretty much does what it says on the tin: it’s ice cream, wrapped in a snug blanket of candyfloss.

If the whole concept still eludes you, just take a look at it being all wrapped up.

Some people aren’t having any of it – surely it would just be sickeningly sweet?

It admittedly sounds quite impractical.

But others aren’t so negative. Cotton candy is delicious and ice cream is also a delight, so what could go wrong?!

The real question is – when will things wrapped in other things stop being called a burrito just because it’s a hot buzzword right now?

When will someone put an end to this madness?!


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