Can you help find Naomi’s wedding dress?

Naomi Gargan has taken to twitter in a bid to get back her Celtic-inspired dress, which she lovingly designed herself 17 years ago. She sold it after the wedding.

“We were just back from our honeymoon in Florida, and we had no money. The dress was just sitting there and it was so handy to just sell it so we could buy some practical things,” Naomi told

“I’ve regretted it from the day I sold it, especially when I had a daughter myself.”

She gave the stunning, full-length dress to a second-hand wedding dresses shop in Clondalkin, but can’t remember the shop’s name or location and doesn’t know if it’s still trading.

“I designed the dress myself. The whole wedding had a kind of Celtic theme - the bridesmaids’ dresses were green and the menu had a Celtic design too,” Naomi recalled.

“I’d just love to get the dress back.”

Naomi’s dearest wish is to see daughter Alanah, who will be 14 in July, walk up the aisle in her dress, when that day comes.

“She may not want to do that when the time comes, but even if she used it to make a christening gown or something, that would be lovely,” said Naomi.

The dress cost Naomi £950 to have made, and was sold for £600. Naomi got £300 from the sale.

“I thought we would get more to be honest, but the money was still very handy at the time,” she recalls.

At a minimum, she’s hoping the shop’s name will turn up so she can try to progress her search that way. Pay dirt would be to have the dress back.

Bubbly Naomi’s husband Barry doesn’t know yet about her search (“He’ll kill me!” she laughed.) We’re sure he’d be delighted though to see Naomi’s dream come true.

If you can help, contact Naomi on twitter.

Dress details:

* Chiffon sleeves and loose chiffon on the waistband, chiffon bow at the back and a detachable chiffon train that can be hooked up. the train was sold with the dress.

* Buttons down the back

* Celtic design in gold thread hand-embroided on the front

* Off-white in colour, and made of raw silk

* “Cathy De Stafford” stitched inside the dress

Sold around July/August 17 years ago this year (1997).

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