Call for information on ancient doll that ‘fell out of a wall’ in Mallow

By Anna O'Donoghue

There has been a call for information on an ancient wooden doll that ‘fell out of a wall’ in Mallow.

A picture of the doll, taken by Finbarr Murray

The relic was discovered by workers whilst renovating a 200-year-old shop, in the town center, roughly 30 years ago.

When discovered, the building-owner took a disliking to the doll, along with many other people, and banished it from the location.

As Google was yet to be invented, It wasn’t until a friend of Cork photographer Finbarr Murray rediscovered the item earlier this month, that questions have been asked about the origins of the doll.

Speaking to Patricia Messinger on C103, Murray said that a few people that have thrown around the word ‘piseog’ when describing the wooden object, which is the Irish word for ‘an evil spell’ or ‘curse’.

What do you think?

Listen to the full interview here:

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