British Gas tweet about David Bowie really confuses the internet

Corporate Twitter accounts – love ‘em or hate ‘em, they do have a use. Who else would we complain to when stuck in a call queue?

But Paul, who was running the British Gas account, really ruffled the feathers of the internet today after he put a topical twist on his usual morning tweet about the help line’s opening hours.

What has the anniversary of David Bowie’s death got to do with British Gas customer services, you ask? Well, nothing. And people were confused. And then they were angry.

There was confusion, too. Multiple people running the company’s account didn’t know Paul had gone rogue and were getting confused about all the angry tweets he was getting.

Then came the inevitable apology. Turns out Paul really was just a big Bowie fan, who maybe hadn’t quite got the hang of running a company Twitter account.

Then things started to shift and everyone rallied round him.

It seems his colleagues were firmly on Team Paul.

And most importantly, Paul survived to tweet another day.

So, to everyone running a corporate Twitter account today, don’t let the haters get you down.


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