Brexit jokes galore as Twitter reacts to Declan Rice decision

By Steve Neville

Declan Rice has announced his intention to swap his international allegiance from Ireland to England.

The 20-year-old made three senior appearances for Ireland, all in friendly matches, but the London born West Ham star has decided to play for England.

In a lengthy statement, Rice said it had been "an extremely difficult decision". He said he was a "proud Englishman" but he was equally proud of his family's "Irish heritage and my affinity and connection with the country".

And with his announcement came a flurry of tweets and social media exchanges.

From Brexit jokes to chants of 'he's one of our own', here's how Twitter reacted to the news.

And as per usual, Ireland Simpsons Fans were quick with reaction.

But we'll leave Tony O'Donoghue wih the last word.

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