Brave corgi comes to rescue after wet tail bamboozles spinning cat

Cats are famous for not liking water, so dunking their tail into your bath is always going to prompt a reaction.

Graduate Kaitlyn Harrell has gone viral after doing just that – due to the spectacularly confused reaction from her nine-month-old feline Pebbles.

The dunked tail had Pebbles running in circles under the watchful gaze of Simba, the eight-month-old ginger cat sat on the toiled during the video – but fortunately Bandit the corgi, four, was on hand to help calm her down.

“Everyone seems to love ‘the surprise at the end’ which is my corgi, Bandit,” Kaitlyn, 22, told the Press Association. “People love that he came to the rescue to check on her.”

Others reacting to the video thought a malfunction had occurred.

Kaitlyn thinks the reaction was typical of animals rather than a computing problem though.

“I would say the message that can be taken from the video is that you never know how your animals are gonna react to certain things,” said Kaitlyn, from Peoria, Illinois.

“So always have your phone ready to film because it could be pretty entertaining.”

Always be prepared.

- Press Association

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