Book that was 53 years overdue returned to Thurles Library

By Steve Neville

Ever forget to return a library book? It's happened to most people at one time or another, but you normally have the book return within a day or two.

Well, a Tipperary library has had a book returned to them that was overdue for 19,433 days. That's 53 years.

The Tipperary County Council Library service posted on Twitter highlighting a book that was returned that had been overdue since May 30, 1965.

The overdue book in question was Father Theobald Mathew by Rev Partick Rogers which was originally published in 1943.

The fine racked up for the book's late return was €971.65, but the library service joked that they would take €950 because they are "sound like that".

Speaking to, librarian John O’Gorman said staff had not realised it was missing as the book had been taken out under an old system.

"Somebody found it while they were clearing out a house,” said Mr O’Gorman.

"It’s often the case that books lie dormant for a long time, but thankfully the person spotted it and gave it back."

Mr O’Gorman said the library was happy to waive the fine.

We hope the library user enjoyed reading it.

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