‘Bizarre’: Twitter users comment on Mitt Romney’s birthday candle technique

Former US presidential nominee Mitt Romney has been on the receiving end of a few jokes on his birthday due to the “bizarre” way he blew out his birthday candles.

Mr Romney, current Utah senator, posted a video to Twitter of his colleagues wishing him a happy 72nd birthday on MArch 12 with a cake made out of Twinkies.

After being presented with the cake, Mr Romney said: “It’s what I’ve always wanted… Holy cow!”

The video reached over 850,000 views on the website, with several users commenting on the politician’s unusual way of blowing out birthday candles.

Instead of making a wish and blowing them out in one go, Mr Romney picked them all up individually to extinguish them.

Although many were commenting on the unusual technique, a few took Mr Romney’s side, claiming that blowing the candles out individually was the more hygienic way to make a wish.

On user pointed out that the technique might be a way of avoiding a candle prank, however.

User Marc Lombardi said: “Mitt Romney blows out birthday cake candles like someone who never once was fooled with those ‘trick’ candles that re-light after you blow them out.”

- Press Association

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