Band reunions we'd love to see (but probably won’t)

The Stone Roses, Blur, Pulp – everyone’s reuniting these days. Now it looks like Led Zeppelin could be coming back.

In an interview with Australia’s version of ‘60 Minutes’, lead singer Robert Plant hinted that the iconic rock band might be reforming, with the typically cryptic line: “I've got nothing to do in 2014”.

The last time the band reunited in 2007, Jason Bonham was on the drums in place of his late father, John. He’s still touring with ‘Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin experience’, and could expect to play some bigger stages if the full-on reunion goes ahead.

Here are some band reunions we’d love to see (but probably won’t).

Pink Floyd

Founding member Roger Waters effectively ruled out a reunion of the iconic progressive rock group earlier this year. Although he said that surviving member Nick Mason would “jump back in a heartbeat”, Waters also said “it was over in 1985 and it's still over."

Floyd fans have plenty to content themselves with though, as Waters is touring their multi-million selling album ‘The Wall’ at the moment.

The Smiths

Despite repeated denials for both singer Morrissey and guitarist Johnny Marr, such is the appetite for a Smiths reunion, rumours seem to surface every couple of years.

Money seems no object to this reunion, with Marr claiming that the band were offered a whopping $50m for “three … possibly five shows”.

They’re hardly out of practice - both have continued to tour and release music (Marr has a new album out this month). But with Morrissey saying the band are "never, ever going to reunite", and Marr saying it "isn't happening", the prospects are not good.

The Velvet Underground

The band that inspired a thousand other bands last had a reunion of sorts when the trio of Lou Reed, John Cale and Maureen Tucker of performed to mark the band’s induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

Founding member Sterling Morrison has passed on, and the art-pop band only continues now as a commercial entity managing the band’s back catalogue. Shame.

Talking Heads

Another band that were coaxed back by the carrot of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, this time in 2002, there remains a lot of “bad blood”, singer David Byrne said.

He also cited the dreaded “musical differences”, but bassist Tina Weymouth said he was “a man incapable of returning friendship”.

A Road to Nowhere, then.

Guns n’ Roses

Yes, we know you can still go to a Guns n’ Roses gig, but come on - it’s just not the same without Slash.

Don’t tell singer Axl Rose that though – he threw out a fan mid-gig for wearing a Slash t-shirt once.

Tell us what bands you’d like to see back on tour (and the ones that should be left well alone) in the comments section below.

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