As Calvin Klein sells an inside-out jumper: 5 other times we’ve been totally baffled by fashion

Few things are more embarrassing than leaving the house only to find you’ve got your top on inside out. However, this could very well be a new trend if we’re to listen to designers like Calvin Klein.

The iconic label is selling knitted jumpers which are purposefully reversed. That’s right – you’re actually meant to wear it the wrong way round, meaning you see the messy strands of wool making up cartoon characters like Road Runner or Wile E Coyote.

If this does sound like your kind of thing, hopefully you’ve got £1,705 to spare, because that’s how much it will set you back.

This isn’t the first time designers have done something totally ludicrous with clothes. Here are some of the other instances we’ve been baffled by high fashion – in this year alone.

1. The Balenciaga coat

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Fall Winter 18

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2018 has really been the year when the ugly fashion trend has reached its height – think chunky dad shoes gone mad. Another classic is Balenciaga’s coat – well, we’re not sure if it constitutes a coat, because in fact it’s multiple jackets layered on top of each other.

When Balenciaga debuted this new product, everyone was thinking the same thing; it looks exactly like that iconic scene in Friends where Joey puts on all of Chandler’s clothes.

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Maybe that’s the look Balenciaga was going for?

2. Calvin Klein washing up gloves

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CK definitely knows how to get the Internet talking, as earlier this year the brand started selling rubber gloves. However, for £275, we really don’t think these are going to live under your sink and only be used for washing up.

In all fairness, the gloves are very 2018 because they’re in millennial pink, but we’re pretty sure you can get cheaper yellow ones at the supermarket. Sadly, the gloves are no longer for sale – but if you’re interested, you could instead go for CK’s long silver space gloves for a discounted price of £564.

3. Jil Sander bags

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#JILSANDER Resort 19 Collection

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Luxury fashion house Jil Sander has a reputation for sleek, covetable designs. However, it’s hard not to be just a little bit confused by some of the bags the brand has started selling this year. First there’s the “shopper” which was literally a plastic bag with another bag inside – costing €550 (£490).

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#JILSANDER Resort 19 Collection

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And another gem from Jil Sander is a mesh bag, which is remarkably similar to something your gran might own – also costing €550 (£490).

4. Vetements sock sneakers

Balenciaga and Vetements are often behind the silliest fashion trends out there, and are helmed by the same designer: Demna Gvasalia.

Vetements is the brand that brought us sock high heels, and then it debuted the sock sneaker. We’re not sure why you can’t just wear socks and trainers separately, but maybe we just don’t understand high fashion. However, we will concede that this design would be easy to pull on and off, which is always a bonus.

5. Prada paperclip

Like the Supreme-branded brick before it, the Prada paperclip went instantly viral when it was released. On the face of it, it looks like a simple piece of stationery – except for the fact it’s £125 and has the Prada branding on it.

Even though it’s not actually a paperclip, it’s a money clip instead, some just weren’t sure it should be sold for that much money. However, as with so many of these items, it gained a cult-like following and many people started wearing it and posting the evidence on Instagram.

Good news, because the clip is still on sale – you can buy it here.

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