Argos wins Twitter with this brilliant response to customer query

Ladies and gentlemen of the interwebs, bow down to your new Twitter overlord.

Like all superheroes, we don't know their true identity - or gender. All we have to go on are the initials 'JD' and the below customer service masterclass.

Twitter user/gangsta Immy 'Badman' Bugti had a bone to pick with the catalogue retail giant over the weekend, specifically regarding the paucity of a certain console in the greater Manchester area, and the demeanour of an unnamed associate.

So he tweeted @ArgosHelpers thusly:

And, like a gentle rain of genius cascading from the heavens, came this LEGEND response:

Can't argue with that. And in fairness, the man didn't.

Go to the top of the social media class, JD, and grab yourself a pint or seven while you're up there.

#Respect #Wasteman

Of course, some people were just jealous:

By Conor Hallahan

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