Apple release the top 20 downloaded apps of 2017

By Greg Murphy

Apple has graced the world by releasing the list of the most downloaded apps from their App Store.

Snapchat’s 2016 crown was snatched from them, but only just, by the popular Bitmooji app, which is owned by Snap.

The rest of the list is fairly standard, - just take a look at the phone you might be reading this on, and we can almost guarantee you have at least 10 of them.

Here’s the full list of the top 20 most downloaded apps, according to Apple.

1. Bitmoji

2. Snapchat

3. YouTube

4. Messenger

5. Instagram

6. Facebook

7. Google Maps

8. Netflix

9. Spotify

10. Uber

11. Gmail

12. Pandora Music

13. Amazon

14. WhatsApp

15. Wish

16. Twitter

17. SoundCloud

18. Google Chrome

19. Waze

20. Lyft


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