Apparent spat between co-workers on a milk company's Twitter account is comedy gold

Half a dozen tweets from a British Twitter account have been amusing many people over the past 24 hours.

The parody British Milk Council's account was 'taken over' by a disgruntled employee named 'Jason' who claims he is "out of a job".

Another employee, 'Donna' interjects through the same account, begging Jason to log out.

Jason, however, has had enough and provides us with a soon-to-be iconic line: "YOU DON'T DESERVE MY MAN MILK, DONNA".

She's going to need a cold glass of milk to sooth that burn.

Warning: NSFW language in the following tweets.

Anyone else craving a glass of milk after that?

The fake fight came just hours after pub group JD Wetherspoon announced it was shutting down its social media accounts.

By Denise O’Donoghue

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