Any men looking for a free holiday with 20 new mates? Get on DoneDeal pronto

Are you fit, healthy, good craic and able to answer to Eamo?

Then this could be a pretty good deal for you so listen up.

A lads weekend tends to be a fairly eventful occasion, but for one unfortunate groom, an incident prior to his stag weekend with 20 mates has left him unable to travel on this momentous occasion.

Rather than be detered from enjoying a weekend away, his mates have decided to carry on in his honour and are looking for a substitute groom to take his place on the trip.

So the boys have put an ad on DoneDeal looking for a stand-in groom to travel on the trip to Krakow, Poland instead of the misfortunate groom who seems to have taken a terrible tumble.

There aren't much details to go on simply: “the stag had accident with stairs. Broken ribs, punctured lung, bla bla bla.”


Anyway back to the opportunity at hand, the boys are offering an all expenses paid trip to anyone who is free to leave Roscommon from 12.30pm tomorrow until Sunday/Monday.

We can see a few interested heads down the back, but there is a short and concise criteria to fill: “must be fit, healthy and able to answer to Eamo. Must be good craic and have passport.”

Does that sound like you?

Then get your skates on and nab this epic adventure before someone else does!

The boys are asking for €100 to pay to change the name on the ticket, but they also guarantee a good weekend so it sounds totally worth it.

The ad has had almost 600 views in less than 24 hours so it is safe to say a replacement will definitely be found!

Have a good weekend lads!

By Roisin Burke

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