Andy Murray fan gets touching tattoo tribute - on his backside

Andy Murray said he woke up the day after his Wimbledon win wondering if it had all been a dream.

Meanwhile, one of his biggest fans woke up hoping it had been a nightmare.

Yes, that is really a large tattoo of Murray on some guy's backside - and you can see by the expression on the face of the tattooist that even he thinks it's a questionable idea.

The tattoo (and the arse) belongs to 27-year-old William Hirons from Hereford, an avowed sports fan who placed an ill-advised bet with friends after Murray won the semi-final.

"They didn't think he had a chance in the final," Will told

"But I was confident he'd beat Djokovic. So we had a little bet about it."

Having won/lost the bet (delete where appropriate) Hirons went under the needle to have Murray's face, and the date of his win, inked on his buttcheek.

The tattooist was a friend, Will explained.

"He didn't do too bad a job, considering it was the first time he'd done a portrait like that."

Since getting it done, Will's been eagerly awaiting acknowledgement from his hero, but nothing has come yet.

Perhaps he would have been forgiven for forfeiting, in the cold light of day, but Will insists it was never on the cards.

"A bet's a bet," he said. "I don't welsh on my bets."

The other side of the bet - we're not quite sure how this works, tbh - was that a mate of Hirons' now has to get Will's name tattooed (guess where).

But he hasn't done it yet.

"He's doing it on Saturday," Will told us. Sure he is...

Can't help but feeling that Will is the one who actually lost out here…

By Conor Hallahan

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