A woman Rick-rolled her husband on their wedding day and it’s epic

A couple have started their married life together with comedy, after a guest read the lyrics to Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up during their ceremony.

Emma Hammond, 28, married husband Scott, 30, on Saturday in her parent’s back garden in Ontario, Canada.

Although the couple planned their big day together, Scott let Emma choose the readings, and she had fun with the task.

“Initially, I had two very nice readings.

“After some time though, I began to think of doing something as a funny surprise and decided to have someone read the Rick roll.”

Rick-rolling is a popular internet meme which involves tricking someone into clicking a link for something they want to view, only to be confronted with Astley’s 1987 hit Never Gonna Give You Up.

Emma shared a video of the reading on YouTube, showing her friend Tasha reading the lyrics to the couple’s family and friends.

“We didn’t know if people would get the joke, but the lyrics are cute enough that we thought they’d think it was just a nice reading.

“After Tasha started saying ‘I’m never going to give you up’ we got lots of laughter. I feel like our friends and fellow millennials in the crowd all got the joke. More people laughed than I thought would.”

A couple who laugh together, stay together.

- Press Association

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