A university student has caused quite a stir after rejecting a sexual consent class

An English student has penned a controversial article about an invitation he received to attend sexual “consent lessons”.

He also posed for a photo holding a sign with the words "This is not what a rapist looks like".

In the piece titled “Why I don’t need consent lessons”, George Lawlor described the consent class he’d received over Facebook as a “massive, painful, bitchy slap in the face”.

“Let me explain, I love consent. Of course people should only interact with mutual agreement, but I still found this invitation loathsome,” he wrote.

The Tab – I don’t have to be taught not to be a rapist | Facebook

“Like any self-respecting individual would, I found this to be a massive, painful, bitchy slap in the face.

“To be invited to such a waste of time was the biggest insult I’ve received in a good few years.

“It implies I have an insufficient understanding of what does and does not constitute consent and that’s incredibly hurtful. I can’t stress that enough.”

The senior reporter for student publication The Tab said he knew exactly what consent means and that he didn’t have to be taught the difference between yes and no.

“I feel as if I’m taking the ‘wrong’ side here, but someone has to say it – I don’t have to be taught to not be a rapist.

“I already know what is and what isn’t consent. I also know about those more nuanced situations where consent isn’t immediately obvious as any decent, empathetic human being does.”

He added: ”Yes means yes, no means no. It’s really that simple.”

While George didn’t deny there is a history of rape and abuse incidents on university campuses, he contended there was not a consent lesson that could stop these violations from occurring.

“I’m not denying there have been tragic cases of rape and abuse on campuses in the past, but do you really think the kind of people who lack empathy, respect and human decency to the point where they’d violate someone’s body are really going to turn up to a consent lesson on a university campus? They won’t.

“No new information will be taught or learned. It will just be an echo chamber of people pointing out the obvious and others nodding along, thinking the whole time that they’ve saved the world.”

The politics and sociology student claimed there were “countless” other ways the organisers behind the consent class could highlight the issues surrounding sexual abuse.

“There are countless other more useful things they could be doing with their time.

“They could be making a difference by actually going out and campaigning, volunteering and caring for other people.

“Instead they selfishly make themselves feel better by indulging in the delusion that all that’s needed to save the vulnerable from foul predators is to point out the blindingly obvious.

“I don’t need your help to understand basic human interaction. Real people need your help and they deserve better than you.”

George’s blunt words have caused quite a stark divide between readers and while many have branded his words “ignorant” and “shocking”, others have defended him pointing out there may actually be truth to his words…

You can read George Lawlor’s article in full here.


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