A teacher is grading homework with memes and it’s inspiring her students

Trying to connect with your students as a teacher whilst still helping them learn is never the simplest of tasks for a teacher – but this one has got it nailed.

Twitter user and English teacher @axfxq shared footage of herself grading her students’ homework with some new stickers which social media users may recognise.

That is, of course, a sensational use of a meme featuring very confused NBA player Nick Young.

The teacher’s ingenuity has been warmly received on Twitter, receiving hundreds of thousands of likes, but they don’t stop there either.

A Gordon Ramsay meme to represent a positive response to the work – it all makes so much sense.

The teacher said the meme responses were for high school senior English class focused on media studies, which includes studying social media and trends.

“These were really well received by my kids,” she wrote on Twitter. “Students who normally wouldn’t care actually asked if they could correct their tests for a better grade & had a good laugh (especially because) they always show me memes.”

It turns out she isn’t the only one printing memes into real life situations either.

An excellent use of the My Momma Said meme there – an image featuring a young Cardi B with her hands on her hips.

So it turns out memes can inspire both in a classroom and in counselling.

Who said the internet had to be a distraction for young people?

- Press Association

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