A student impersonated their professor and tried to cancel an exam, inspiring Twitter

A university student in Canada tried an audacious way to get out of exams, but definitely did not succeed.

Twitter user Aleli Miranda shared a series of photos showing a fellow student attempting to carry out – and subsequently fail to pull off – the plan.

Captioned “never underestimate what a university student would do to get out of an exam”, Aleli’s tweet was a story in three parts.

(Aleli Miranda/PA)

First, an email told sociology and criminology students at the University of Manitoba their professor had a “family emergency” and would have to postpone a scheduled test.

The next photo shows when the game was up. From the real Andrew Woolford, it said: “Someone is impersonating me trying to delay the test. The test will happen tomorrow.”

He went on to explain that anyone impersonating a professor can expect a “very strong response” from the university.

The next email said a fake Gmail address was used to enact the pesky plan, with Professor Woolford reiterating that the test was on.

Twitter loved the story – the tweet received over 30,000 retweets.

Most agreed that the email was rumbled because a professor definitely would have left the “Sent from my iPhone” message at the end intact.

As far as we know, the suspect hasn’t been caught.

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