A museum entirely dedicated to selfies has just opened in LA

It may seem like taking a selfie is a pretty modern-day occurrence, but it actually dates back far before Kim Kardashian was on the scene.

It is a cultural phenomenon though, and one a new museum in Los Angeles is exploring. The Museum of Selfies is an interactive, 8,000 sq.ft space charting the history of art of the self, which started 40,000 years ago (pre-Paris Hilton then). And of course, they’ll be plenty of selfie opportunities inside.

(Museum of Selfies/PA)

It includes sections celebrating different categories of our favourite type of photos – like the high-up selfie (very flattering), the rooftop selfie (very glamorous) and the bathroom selfie (seems like a good idea at the time but doesn’t look quite as classy as you’d hoped).

There’s also a narcissist exhibit examining the number of deaths from selfie-related accidents, proving that no number of likes on Instagram is worth risking a dangerous ledge for.

(Museum of Selfies/PA)

There’s also art from famous selfie artists – remember the monkey selfie by David J. Slater? While Riccardo Scalise aka ‘Mr Selfie’ has taken pictures with some of the most recognisable people in the world.

And if you’re a fan of the selfie stick, there’s a record-breaking one, measuring 90ft, which we imagine is very difficult to use.

It’s not the first weird museum in LA, there’s also The Museum of Failure, the Museum of Broken Relationships and the Museum of Death, so you could really made a trip out of it.

(Museum of Selfies/PA)

According to Discover Los Angeles, 13% of photos uploaded on to social media in L.A. are selfies, and 2.4 million selfies are uploaded to social media globally, on a daily basis.

LA is a great place to take one though, with the iconic Hollywood sign, eclectic Venice Beach, colourful food trucks, and of course, famous people if you come across one.

The Museum of Selfies is located on Brand Boulevard in Glendale, Los Angeles. It is open until May 31 and tickets cost  $25 USD (£17.50). Book here.

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