A man has been snapped on a mobility scooter clutching a snake

A man was spotted on London’s South Circular riding on a mobility scooter holding a snake in one hand.

David Videcette shared a snap of the unusual sight on Monday afternoon.

He said: “I saw him on his mobility scooter and he appeared be be grappling with this snake.

“It was completely off the wall, it’s like something you would see in the Tate Modern.”

The bizarre sighting sparked a number of responses on Twitter, although many said they were not that surprised.

David added: “Apparently he’s well-known in the area but I travel the route regularly and I’ve never seen him before.

“He quite often takes his snake out apparently.”

Earlier this month, a python was photographed eating a pigeon in Leytonstone.

The picture showed the reptile wrapped around the unfortunate bird in the middle of a footpath outside a shop.

- Press Association

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