A grandfather showed a whippersnapper who’s boss in this epic basketball move

What started out as a fun chat with friends and family ended in sporting humiliation for one young man.

A group of friends in Michigan were chatting with one of their grandfathers about his younger days playing basketball when they decided to have a one-on-one game.

One of the younger guys, Andrew, challenged Dillan’s grandfather to a game, and what happened next is a display of trickery anyone would be proud of.

The unnamed man pretends to shoot, but leaves the ball on the floor. Once Andrew is distracted, he shoots his real shot, and makes it.

Trevor Luznak, who filmed the trick, said: “Dillan’s Grandpa was really good so we started videoing and that’s when [it] happened!”

Trevor posted the video on Twitter for a joke, but it has since gone totally viral, garnering over 900,000 views.

- Press Association

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