A Galway nightclub are offering flats for those ladies with tired feet

On any given night on the town, you will come across at least four ladies who’ve given up on those heels after dancing the night away in the local nightclub - us, included!

They’ve either Bear Gyrils’d it and gone barefoot, borrowed their boyfriends runners while he walks around in his socks or gotten creative.

No need for that in Galway.

DNA nightclub in Eyre Square are not only offering their customers a pair of flats if they would like to take off their heels, they’ll also pop your heels in the cloakroom so you don’t have to carry them around all night.

“Ladies, when your heels become too much, check them into the cloakroom quoting your shoe size and we will swap them out for a pair of new flats while we mind your heels for the night. Dancing...it's in our dna!” the club’s Facebook post states.

The service will put you back €5 but WORTH. EVERY. PENNEY.

Here’s hoping clubs around the country follows suit.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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