A father found this heartbreaking note from his 11-year-old son with autism during a school visit

When New Jersey resident Bob Cornelius went to his young son Christopher’s back-to-school night earlier this month, he found a classroom full of cute cards and knick-knacks adorning the walls.

Pausing to take a picture of one of Christopher’s displays, Bob didn’t notice the heart-breaking response to one of the questions he’d given until much later that evening.

Christopher, who is on the autistic spectrum, had filled in a questionnaire like many of his fellow pupils, asking for his favourite sports, TV shows, food.

But when it came to the part where he was asked to write who his friends are, he wrote: “No one.”

Bob was then prompted to make an emotional appeal on Facebook asking for people to share the post in a bid to make people “think about having a conversation with your children about empathy, about going out of their way to include those that are different from everybody else”.

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