A couple have launched the first lesbian bridal magazine

When you think of traditional wedding magazines, they tend to be firmly aimed towards women marrying their male partners.

This means that there’s a huge gap in the market for women who haven’t found Mr Right – instead, they’ve found Mrs Right.


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Two women have stepped in to do something about this, launching what’s being called the first lesbian wedding magazine: Dancing with Her.

When founders Tara Baker and Arlia Hassell got engaged last year, as a lesbian couple they felt unrepresented when searching for wedding inspiration. So the pair crowdfunded on Kickstarter and set up the magazine catering for female couples like themselves, with stories of gay weddings to tips for planning your own.

Tara says: “It’s stories of love and celebration but it’s diverse and it’s something that LGBTQ+ women can relate to. It breaks the heteronormative stereotypes that are so prevalent in wedding media across the world.”

The women are keen on sharing more LGBTQ+ stories in this space, but they’re also set on educating wedding vendors on how to be more inclusive.

What’s particularly interesting about the magazine is that it’s based in Australia – a country that does not yet have marriage equality (the result of the country’s same sex marriage vote will be revealed on November 15).


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Tara says: “Sure, we might not have marriage equality in Australia, or many other other countries across the world, just yet… but couples of all sexualities are rightly choosing to celebrate their love in the way of a wedding – and that deserves to be celebrated, that deserves to be represented.”

Dancing with Her is available from vendors across Australia and the US, and can also be ordered online.


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