A controversial stove and a mezzanine made for fascinating viewing on Room to Improve last night

Room to Improve did not fail to impress last night as Dermot Bannon used his usual genius of space and light to transform a 70’s childhood bungalow into a beautiful modern home.

Hannah and James had decided to renovate Hannah’s childhood home in Sutton after both her parents passed away and Dermot jumped at the opportunity.

Of course it was not all plain sailing.

There were a few hiccups along the road to the perfect house.

There was the controversial stove decision where they put the stove in front of the window. Not many people seemed to be gone on that:

There was the new quantity surveyor Lisa O’Brien who took no prisoners when the budget went over and told Dermot straight out his precious mezzanine had to get the chop.

But over all people were just being empathetic with Hannah for losing both her parents in such a short time frame.


By Roisin Burke

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