A Canada café has apologised for THAT awful pint of Guinness which will haunt your dreams

There are few things that irk the Irish as much as mis-representation.

Whether it is Paddy's Day being masqueraded as Patty's Day or say, an intolerably messy pint of Guinness being promoted as our sacred beverage, we get very uppitty at these type of things.

It almost as if our personal intergrity has been called into question and we must defend ourselves.

And like a cornered Jack Russell we take on our opponent with a feverish defiance and resilence, no matter what size our perceived attacker may be.

So it is no surprise then that people decided to pick on a cafe in Canada after this image was used to promote a 'St Patty's Day' party.

Double whammy.


That happened.

People were not happy....

Such was the uproar that Railtown Cafe issued an apology for their disgracefull pint pulling and offered all Irish in the vicinity, with a valid Irish Passport, a free Guinness and a shot of Jameson on St Patrick's Day.

Awh... We will let them off this time I suppose!

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