A bar in Limerick is encouraging its customers to “Ask for Angela” and here’s why

A bar in Limerick is encouraging its customers to "Ask for Angela" if they are feeling unsafe on a night out, writes Anna O'Donoghue.

Pharmacia on Sarsfield Street launched the campaign after coming across the initiative, which aims to stamp out unwanted attention or sexual harassment on nights out, in several bars in Lincolnshire, England.

It encourages people who find themselves in a situation where they don’t feel comfortable to discreetly ask for help by going to the bar 'Asking for Angela'.

The staff will then help in every way they can to remove you from the situation “without too much fuss”.

In a post on Facebook, the cocktail bar wrote, “Here at Pharmacia we take your well-being very seriously.

“If at anytime you are feeling unsafe in Pharmacia and need some help you can alert a member of staff here by asking 'Is Angela working tonight?'. The situation will be handled discreetly and with no fuss.

They then added, “While this campaign focuses predominantly on bad dates, we are encouraging both women and men to use this if any situation is making you feel uncomfortable.

“Its unfortunate that posts like this are necessary but sexual harassment happens more than we realise and will not be tolerated”.

Speaking to the Limerick Leader, owner of the bar Mark Warner has said, “The times have changed, people are meeting on Tinder or meeting people who they may not know anything about, and the profile can be a lot different from the actual person. It just gives them a comfortable out so that there doesn’t need to be a scene.

“Hopefully it’s something you’ll see every bar doing in future, to reassure the customers that if you find yourself in trouble, there’s an easy way to get out of it”.

By Anna O'Donoghue

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