A 10-year-old DWTS fan sent an adorable letter to Bernard O'Shea

Bernard O'Shea might have been sent the nicest letter ever from a Dancing With the Stars fan.

10-year-old Molly from Clare sent Bernard the letter, along with a bar of chocolate for him and his partner Valeria to keep the energy up, in the hopes of getting a letter back.

She writes that she is the only person in her family without a letter from a celebrity, her twin sister having received one from the Queen (!) and her brother having got one from Chelsea FC.

Molly said she chose Bernard over the President (high praise in itself) and hopes he'll be able to reply to her.

Serious Motivation #doingitfortreats

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He HAS to send her a letter back, now. Especially after throwing the bar of chocolate in.

O'Shea posted the letter on Instagram with the caption "Serious Motivation. #doingitfortreats".

You can read the letter in full below.

Dear Bernard

My name is Molly Cahill.

I'm ten years of age and live in Co Clare.

I was going to write to the President but I decided to write to you instead.

My twin sister got a letter from the Queen last year and my brother got a letter from Chelsea FC so I'm the only one in my family without a letter from a celebrity.

I am hoping you'll reply to me if you get a chance between your dance rehearsals with Valeria. I love watching you on Dancing With the Stars. It's unfair Brian gave you a two, you deserved more than that.

I hope you do well in the competition, you're one of my favourites to watch as well as Marty. Don't listen to what Nicky said about hunks.

Here's a treat for you and Valeria if you need energy.

Can't wait to see you on TV on Sunday.





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