79-year-old going to see Kasabian with Jennifer Zamparelli thanks to a letter he wrote to a newspaper

by Denise O'Donoghue

A 79-year-old man from Galway will have a night to remember in November when he rocks up to Kasabian’s concert in the Three Arena with Jennifer Zamparelli and the RTÉ 2fm Breakfast Republic team.

Tom Grealy wrote a letter which was published in yesterday’s Irish Times. Short and sweet, it was the story of a recent text message Tom received.

"I have often wondered how I have managed for most of my 80 years without receiving a text message. I have just received one from Three telling me that Kasabian will be at the 3Arena in Dublin in November.

"I can’t wait," Tom wrote.

His letter was spotted by Keith Walsh, who read it out on the radio today before contacting the man himself.

Tom launched straight into an anecdote about letter-writing.

"An aunt of mine once told me that anyone who writes letters to the paper, and I have done it before, they either have nothing to do or they’re cranks. As I’m fairly busy I must be the other one."

When asked if he would like to go see Kasabian with Jennifer Zamparelli, he jumped at the chance.

"Cripes, would I what? Yeah, of course!"

Tom will turn 80 in two weeks, and previously worked as an accountant.

He says he actually gets loads of texts, but he just doesn’t know how to send one.

Jennifer promised to teach Tom how to send a text when they meet.

"He’s so cute. I can’t wait," she said.

Listen to the chat in full here:

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