7 signs you got a bit too used to lockdown life

Life is slowly but surely returning to some kind of normality, with restrictions from the past few months beginning to ease.

In many places, you can now meet groups of friends at a safe distance and even eat in your favourite restaurant – something which would’ve been unheard of just a few weeks ago.

For some people though, the easing of the lockdown comes with its own stresses. There’s the worry of a second wave, plus many of us have become just a bit too comfortable with the lockdown life.

If a few of these signs sound like you, there’s a chance you’ve become a bit too used to quarantine…

1. You get confused when your friends start making plans

After months of not really being able to do anything, it’s still a surprise when your friends suggest hanging out. When you do see them – however lovely it is – you swiftly discover all types of social interaction are a lot more exhausting than you remember them being.

2. You haven’t worn real clothes in months

Your main worry about lockdown easing is people actually expecting you to wear a bra and jeans.

You hope not – you’ve discovered trackies are far more comfortable.

3. You’ve become incredibly attached to your rituals

To get through quarantine with some resemblance of sanity, a lot of us had to adopt some new routines.

Maybe it was doing your food shop on Sunday mornings, washing your hair Monday evenings or setting time aside to read on Wednesdays.

With new social plans threatening to get in the way of your now established set of rituals, it’s easy to feel a bit untethered.

4. You can’t imagine life with anything other than a solid nine hours sleep a night

Tired Sleep GIF by Pibubear - Find & Share on GIPHY

With zero plans to get in the way of a sensible bedtime, you’ve become a champion sleeper.

Your body basically demands a full nine hours now, and you’re just not sure you could properly function on anything less.

5. You’re actually not that bothered about eating out

While some people are basically banging on the doors waiting for their favourite restaurant to open, you’re not that fussed.

You’ve got so used to cooking for yourself you barely think about it anymore, plus you love how much money you’ve managed to save in the process.

6. You miss your sofa when you leave the house

Need we say any more?

7. Crowds stress you out

For most of us, lockdown has been a time of quiet. You haven’t seen more than a handful of people in one place at once, and you’ve become used to it.

As pubs start reopening and you see throngs of people gathering, it’s hard not to feel a little stressed.



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