7 mildly infuriating minor things that happen at restaurants, according to Reddit

Going out for dinner is a treat for most people, whether it’s catching up with friends, family or a date night, we expect a very lovely time return for parting with our money.

Dining out, however, comes with some minor drawbacks that seem to be prevalent in restaurants, no matter where you are in the world. Reddit users have been sharing some of the most annoying First World problems everyone has experienced at a restaurant…

1. When there’s nowhere to wait for a table

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You know the drill, there’s a waiting list but nowhere to wait and you’re pretty much standing over some poor couple trying to enjoy a romantic meal, or feeling very in the way as the waiters barge through your personal space.

Jellybeannc wrote: “Have a restaurant here in my town that is always crowded and usually has a wait to be seated. Apparently the owner lost it the other day because people were standing around waiting to be seated because they have no bar area or a place to sit while waiting for their table. He started yelling at the customers to get out of the way and go wait in their cars. If you are yelling at me and basically telling me to go sit in my car then I’m leaving and not coming back.”

2. Not being allowed to grind your own pepper

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Ah, the giant pepper-grinder charade.

Prefix memory posted: “I just want control over the pepper grinder, instead of having someone come and pepper my food for me. I won’t f*** it up if I do it myself, honestly.” While TrashbatLondon said: “A local restaurant here has regular-sized black pepper grinders on every table, yet still come over with the giant oversized one to offer it. And I accept every time because I feel there’s a secret higher grade of pepper I’m unaware of that they reserve for the big one.”

3. Stingy water jugs

TheMostUser posted: “When the amount of water is not proportional to the amount of people and it takes a while to get a refill, seriously all I want is a glass of water.”

4. Music that’s louder than you can talk

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Rad_Ben_Danklin posted: “Loud live music to the point where everyone is just yelling, so the music gets louder and everyone gets louder and it just doesn’t stop… help me.” But it’s not only customers it annoys. Lady Emry responded: “Trust me, the wait staff hate it too. I used to waitress at a place that had monthly band nights and it was the worst. Not only was the place packed and we were running around constantly, but by the end of the night, I had no voice from screaming myself hoarse trying to take everyone’s orders and talk to the customers. It’s impossible to even hear what people are ordering.”

5. Cold, impossible to spread butter

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What is the point of butter you can’t spread? The BlindGuardian agreed: “Especially when the bread is really soft or thin too. Nothing better than some ripped up bread with a glob of barely spread butter.”

6. “Oh we don’t have the steak/fish/soup, did no one tell you?”

MrsBighead posted: “When they don’t disclose in the beginning what is missing from the menu.” If you’re one of those people that takes menu ordering very seriously, so as not to be left with the dreaded food envy, it’s extra infuriating when the dish you’ve finally settled on isn’t available, and you could have done with that information 15 minutes before.

7. When waiters don’t write down orders

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This is all very well if there’s two of you and you’re only having a main. But the moment you realise your waiter isn’t going to write down the order and you’re a party of six who want starters, sides and lots of drinks, is a scary one.

“When the waiter doesn’t write down my order, I feel like they’re playing an unwinnable game,” said EarhornJones. “What are they hoping? That I’ll be impressed by their ability to remember? I do not care about that. I just want my food delivered correctly.”


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