29 homeopaths hospitalised after mysterious mass hallucinogenic episode

A mass intoxication of illegal hallucinogenic drugs occurred over the weekend at a homeopathy conference in Germany.

A large group of homeopathists got more than they bargained for at a recent gathering which was called a ‘further education seminar.’

Police are investigating the incident which they say could have been an accident or an experiment gone wrong.

Emergency services were called to the meeting at Handeloh, south of Hamburg on Friday evening after 29 alternative healers are believed to have ingested a drug that had them hallucinating, moaning and groaning and rolling around on the grass.

A major incident response was issued at the sight of such a large group of adults acting erratically and a total of 160 police, ambulance and fire crew attended the incident which took four hours to clear completely.

A police spokesman said it is thought a psychedelic drug was the cause but are not yet certain how or why it was taken.

“We’re now questioning the delegates and awaiting the results of blood and urine tests,” he said. “We still don’t know if they took the drugs on purpose. The question is whether they want to talk about it; they have the right to remain silent.”

It is suspected the group took 2C-E which is otherwise known in Germany as Aquarust, a drug known to trigger hallucinations, psychosis and severe cramps.

The drug was banned last year due to it’s highly addictive nature and unknown side effects.

A spokesperson for the clinic that treated them said “They were completely off their heads.”

The Association of German Healing Practitioners released a statement saying hallucinogenic drugs have no place in the study of homeopathy.

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