26 elephants that are happy about life

These elephants are all happy for different reasons, and they might make you happy too.

1. This elephant that’s happy to be in the water

2. These elephants that were happy to meet each other

3. This baby elephant that knows just how big she’ll grow up to be

4. These elephants that are enjoying the mud

5. This elephant eating a chunk of ice that he suspects contains fruit

6. This elephant that’s enjoying a good wash

7. This elephant that’s spraying herself with sand

8. This elephant treating herself to a mud bath

9. This mother who’s happy, if a little stressed, with her baby elephant Lily

10. This newborn baby elephant who’s thrilled to be alive

11. This elephant who’s quietly impressed with that through ball

12. This elephant being washed by a holy man

13. These elephants who very much enjoy each other’s company

14. This elephant spraying herself on her way to a local Buddhist temple festival

15. This elephant being blessed at said festival

16. This elephant doing the blessing at the month-long religious Hindu fair Magh Mela

17. This elephant who was celebrating her 50th birthday

18. This elephant who clearly knows who Yaya Toure is

19. This baby elephant who is excited about something

20. These elephants who are happy to have each other

21. These elephants who clearly know how pretty they look

22. This young elephant who’s cautious but curious about the paddling pool

23. These baby elephants taking a dip to cool down

24. This baby elephant who’s less than a month old

25. These elephants who have adopted an unorthodox sitting position

26. And this elephant who’s devouring a watermelon

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