18 signs you’ve got Christmas fatigue before it’s even started

Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most wonderful times of the year, what with all the mulled one, presents and mince pies it brings.

However, it’s got to the stage of the year when some of us feel like it’s all getting a bit too much. Considering that we’ve been seeing tinsel everywhere since about October, it’s unsurprising that some of us might be feeling a bit over Christmas.

If you relate to many of these things there’s a high chance that you’re suffering from Christmas fatigue – before the big day is even here.

1. Christmas songs have started haunting your dreams.

2. All you want is a nice cold beer, none of this mulled wine or hot cider business.

3. You physically can’t eat another mince pie, even if you wanted to.

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4. You get a stomach ache at the thought of being part of yet another secret Santa. How are you supposed to know what Breda from HR likes?

5. You could recite the entire script of Love Actually you’ve seen it so many times.

6. Your calendar is full of back-to-back Christmas parties but it feels more like a marathon than a treat.

7. Your hangover/food coma from the aforementioned parties have become a permanent fixture in your life.

8. You’re reminded that there’s a reason why you don’t really eat turkey the rest of the year.

9. You’re doing all of your present shopping online because you can’t stand the shops at Christmas time, and it’s not just the crowds – the trees, decorations and general Christmas cheer make you queasy.

10. You’ve ended up buying a bunch of people the same presents just because you’ve run out of ideas. If they’re in different friendship groups or families they’ll never know, right?

11. You can barely remember when your diet didn’t include chocolate. In fact, you’ve eaten so many Celebrations and Quality Street that you’re in danger of becoming a chocolate yourself.

12. For the first time you actually would prefer to talk politics, giving you a break from the Christmas chat.

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13. You’ve had more than one tantrum-throwing incident when tinsel or Christmas lights have become tangled while you’re attempting to decorate.

14. You’ve seriously argued that Die Hard is a Christmas film, just because you can’t stand watching Elf or Home Alone again.

15. You’ve started to think that Christmas jumpers are more itchy and overpriced than they are cute.

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16. You’ve forgotten what other form potatoes come in, as you’ve been eating roasties for days.

17. You’ve got actual injuries (ok, papercuts) from all the presents you’ve had to wrap.

18. You’re looking forward to January so you can just sleep.


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