16 of the best signs from women’s marches in the US, Canada and the UK

As the first anniversary of Donald Trump’s inauguration rolled around on Saturday, so did the anniversary of women’s marches around the globe.

Thousands of women turned out in North America and the UK over the weekend to continue to protest for a plethora of causes including immigration reform, transgender rights, racial equality, LGBTQ rights and women’s rights, among others

Here are some of the best signs spotted at the protests in the UK, Canada and the USA.

1. Girl Power

Peighton Letizia, three, holds a “girl power” sign during a march in Wisconsin, US (Sarah Kloepping/AP)

2. Government control

A woman’s witty sign in Chicago on Saturday (Ashlee Rezin/AP)

3. Spray paint

Grafitti in LA (Jae C Hong/AP)

4. Love and support for trans people

A protester holds up a signs in support of the transgender community in Montreal, Canada (Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press/AP)

5. The umbrella

An umbrella reads “Empower Women” in Seattle on Saturday (Ted S Warren/AP)

6. Texas speaks

Women and men hold a variety of signs in Fort Worth, Texas (Rodger Mallison/AP)

7. I’m with her

Two women hold an “I’m with her” sign in New York ( Craig Ruttle/AP)

8. Don’t upset Grandma

Jay and Peggy Chiappa at the start of the Women’s March in Philadelphia (David Maialetti/AP)

9. Equal means equal – for all

Activists in Washington call for racial equality with a sign bearing Tupac lyrics (Cliff Owen/AP)

10. Missing Sunday Brunch

11. Smashing glass ceilings

Glass ceilings being smashed on a rainy London afternoon (Laura Stuart-Berry/PA)

12. Girls become women

A woman holds a sign in London, UK (Laura Stuart-Berry/PA)

13. Spaniels against sexism

Even London’s dogs got involved in the march (Jeannie Dumas/PA)

14. Sausage rolls, not gender roles

A food-based sign in rainy London (Jessica Rushing/Twitter/PA)

15. Stay woke

A protester in London is staying woke (She___k/Instagram)

16. Leslie says Knope

A Parks And Recreation-themed sign in London (She___k/Instagram)


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