14 things to do if you find yourself immortal and in the year 10,000 BC

Imagine if you were sent back 12,000 years in time and gifted immortality and eternal youth until you’re back in the year 2018 – what would you do in the meantime?

This is precisely the question Reddit users have been puzzling over, and here are 14 of the finest answers to the conundrum.

1. From user AncientVigil

“Start trying to work back to the current scientific level. Sure, it might take me lifetimes to get even to medieval technology, but 12,000 years is a lot of lifetimes.

“Oh, and I’d also change my name to Vandal Savage, just because.”

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3. From user Treecreaturefrommars

“Try to annoy as many famous historical figures as possible, in the hope that at least one of them will write about how annoying I am.

“Then when later scholars study the texts, I can appear and annoy them.”

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5. From user orangecj

“Be that one person that appears in pieces of art throughout time.

“That way, when people look at old pieces, they start questioning why I come out in pictures that are thousands of years apart.”

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7.  From user Thomhobbes

“I’d create an epic scavenger hunt.

“I’d document everything I could about the dominant cultures of the time, find secure places to stash my writings, and throw in a couple of pieces of treasure.

“I’d create troves of firsthand accounts of those civilisations all over the globe and come up with some fiendishly difficult riddles that point to the next one.

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“Historians would love the eyewitness accounts of major historical events, treasure hunters would go nuts over the ancient artifacts, and I’d get to explore everything and everywhere.”


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9. From user LukimOfficial 

“Start to build an empire and conquer the world of course.”

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11. From user BOBULANCE

“I’d do everything I could to avoid a life sentence.”

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13. From user yarrowsparrow

“Tame some wolves and get credited with inventing dogs.”

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