13-week-old baby caught saying 'I love you'

Babies learn from a very young age to mimic their parents. This baby learned from a very young age, writes Pam Ryan.

At just 13 weeks old Ellie Reid appears to have started to grasp language. Her mother, Claire, sent her father, Grant, this video of her responding to her humming.

Claire says "I love you" and the baby appears to respond.

Is that not the most amazing thing?

The baby's father is an engineer from Glasgow and was staying in a hotel in Inverness when he received the video via WhatsApp.

"I was working away in Inverness when Claire sent me the video. I couldn't believe it. Ellie had just turned 13-weeks-old when the video was taken, so it really is unbelievable," he told the Metro.

"I watched the video and straightaway I said: 'Oh my God.' I was just so shocked. You can see she is trying to copy what Claire is saying and it comes out so clear.

"We sent the video to our friends and family and they were all completely shocked too."

Children usually start to speak in full sentences between one-and-a-half and two-years-old. And they begin with simple words such as 'mama' or 'dada' by the time they are approximately one.

Little Ellie Reid was born weighing 7lb 11oz at Scotland's Forth Valley Royal Hospital on January 23 of this year.

Her father added: "Claire is always interacting with Ellie and she always talks to her but this is the first time Ellie has responded."

New mother Claire said: "Ellie hasn't said anything since. It was just a fluke in the moment. She makes cute little noises and I think in that instance she was just trying to copy the noises I was making.

"We will show her the video when she's older, but that's a long way off yet."

It may be a fluke but that doesn't make it any less wonderful.


By Pam Ryan

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