13 things people would do if they had a magic room that stopped time

Here’s the deal – there’s a room in your house which you can go into for as long as you want while time stops on the outside.

What’s the one thing you’re going to use that room for?

The sci-fi conundrum was posed online by Reddit user TyrionBananaster who scored thousands of upvotes and received hundreds of replies as people tried to figure out the logistics and science of the room.

There’s a room in your house where time doesn’t flow. You could stay in there for as long as you could possibly want, and not a second will have passed outside that room. What would you use this room for? from AskReddit

Could electricity work in the room? How about the internet? Did you age while everyone on the outside stayed the same age?

Most posts revolved around people having an extra 40 winks, but here’s 13 times the answers were just that bit extra.

1. The entreprenurial answer.

2. The Comeback King.

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3. The best sleeping beauty answer.

4. Groundhog Day.

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5. Groundhog Day.

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6. The no-nonsense grade-A student.

7. The pet lover.

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8. The hard-working student by day, worker by night.

9. The uninterrupted gamer.

10. The new librarian.

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11. The me-time reclaimer.

12. The wine connoisseur.

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13. And this kind-hearted offering.


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