13 pet horror stories that prove animals are the worst roommates ever

If your flatmate did half of the ridiculous things your pet does, you’d probably throw them out of the house – and here’s the proof.

Reddit user LakotaGrl asked people: “Referring to your pet as only ‘My roommate’, what’s something your roommate does?”

It turns out pets are the worst roommates ever.

1. The roommate that eats rubbish

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2. The roommate that needs potty training

3. The demanding roommate

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4. The roommate who sleeps weird

5. The roommate who doesn’t know when to stop

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6. The third-wheel roommate

7. The inappropriately loud roommate

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8. The stinky roommates

9. The hair-shedding roommate

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10. The light-sleeping roommate

11. The unwanted guest roommate

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12. The elderly roommate

13. Literally the most disgusting roommate ever

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