12 internet theories on how the human race will become extinct

Morbid curiosity is a natural human feeling so it’s okay to want to read theories on how our race may meet its doom – and don’t worry, not all of them will fill you with dread.

A Reddit user asked their internet fellows to share what they think will cause human extinction, and these are 12 of the best answers, ranging from existentially concerning to rib-tickling.


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2. From user Camero32

“A Coca-Cola truck hits a Mentos truck.”

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4. From user offendedbywords

“Almost certainly some astronomical or geological catastrophe which, if it doesn’t wipe us out immediately, will fundamentally change the atmosphere to something totally inhospitable.”

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6. From user Brain_f4rt

“Volcanic eruption is a good possibility..specifically the super volcanoes of which there are five I believe.

“Three of them are in North America with Yellowstone being the most notable. It erupts every 600-800k years and the last eruption was about 600k years ago.”

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8. From user ElbisCochuelo

“Humans will change ourselves (through gene editing, merging with technology, etc) until the point where we are nonhuman. We will be the architects of our own extinction.”

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10. From user Ritzaficionado

“I’m gonna have to go with the WALL-E theory that we will turn our planet into a giant waste basket.”

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12. From user pinniped1

“I don’t believe we will go extinct.

“If we nuke ourselves, the billion or so that survive will find the least-wrecked part of the planet and find a way to sustain.

“If climate change wrecks the planet, a billion or so will find the habitable parts and soldier on.

“A pandemic won’t have a 100% kill rate. If it depopulates human-dense areas, it’ll run out of ways to spread. Some people will survive.

“Humans will learn to leave Earth before the sun dies or another large celestial body destroys the planet.

“We’re like roaches. Can’t kill us all.

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“EDIT: okay guys, in the long long long long game, the universe expires and we are extinct. I’m just sayin’ we aren’t going extinct anytime soon.”

Well, there’s some food for thought then.

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