11 times lightning was perfectly captured in photographs

Photographers are dispatched in all weathers to capture images of whatever nature is throwing in Earth’s direction. From amazing sunny days illustrated by full beaches and ice cream-licking children to duck and cover storms. Here’s the times when photographers were perfectly positioned to capture lightning bolts.

1. Lightning above Gloucester Docks looked like cascading party streamers

Lightning in the skies over Gloucester Docks in Gloucester
(Chris Stretton/PA)

2. The London Eye and lightning toned for a night out

Lightning strikes behind The London Eye
(Lewis Whyld/PA)

3. Parliament was not to be outshone

Lightning above the Houses of Parliament
(Lewis Whyld/PA)

4. Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower received a natural spotlight

UK Summer storms
(Steve Parsons/AP)

5. Lightning stretched out over the Purbeck Hills in Dorset

Lightning strikes over the Purbeck Hills beyond Poole harbour in Dorset  (Martin Keene/PA)
(Martin Keene/PA)

6. Leicestershire’s Vale of Belvoir was marked with a neon sign, fleetingly

Lightning strikes over the Vale of  Belvoir in Leicestershire
(Neil Squires/PA)

7. German skies went purple

Germany Weather
(Bernd Maerz/AP/PA)

8. The Angel Of The North stood with a heavenly companion

Lightning strikes near the Angle of the North
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

9. St Mary’s Lighthouse had a rival

St Mary's Lighthouse near Whitley Bay with a lightning strom in the background
(Owen Humphreys/PA)

10. The View From The Shard gave people an unusual angle to see lightning

Lightning above Central London as seen from The View From The Shard
(Lewis Whyld/PA)

11. Uluru was dominated by a lightning flash

Lightning strikes above Uluru in Australia
(Anthony Devlin/PA)


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