11 puzzling thoughts you may have had as the clocks went forward

It’s that dreaded time of year again.

As people wake up blearier-eyed than expected, the going forward of the clocks can bring about a series of confusing and troubling thoughts.

Here, we collected a few you may be able to relate to…

1. “Sorry what?”

2. “What time is it?”

3. “Someone call 999.”

4. “I’m literally Doctor Who though.”

5. “How on earth do I change a car clock?”

6. “Gosh this system is anti-social.”

7. “Wait – if the clocks can change…”

8. “Obviously it’s not Father’s Day.”

9. “Aha! But I can make a political point…”

10. “Mm lateness cake.”

11. “Well, at least it’s summer time…”


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