11 jobs that exist just because humans are stupid

A living is a living so no job should be seen as stupid – that said, the purposes for which some jobs are created are most certainly due to human incompetence.

It is these jobs, those that were created to stop humans doing the silly things they do, that are the topic of conversation on Reddit – where user DeityOfUnderworld26 asked: “What job exists because we are stupid?”

Here are 12 of the top answers.


2. From user thunderbirbthor

“I had a temp job in a posh department store a few years ago. The escalator going down from floor 2 to floor 1 had to be taken out to be replaced which took a month.

“Despite the many, many notices and the signs directing people to the lifts and stairs, a member of staff had to stand at the top of the closed escalator just to direct the public to the lifts and stairs.

“It broke people’s brains and it was worrying to see how many tried to get past the barriers, or got pissed and shouty because there was no escalator.”

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5. From user DrDragon13

“I’m a self serve gas station attendant.

“Honestly, the only reason I’m here is to slap the emergency stop button if someone starts pumping gas outside their car/gas can. Oh, and shut off the pumps when I leave.”


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7. From user Secret4gentMan

“I have a side gig doing data entry. I earn $25 USD/hr copying and pasting stuff from a webpage in to an excel spreadsheet, while doing some light formatting.”


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9. From user ILike_bananas

“At my university we have a person whose job is to stand by the garbage area and make sure people dispose of their trash appropriately.”


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11. From user cleatus_the_noodle

“Safety manager here, a big portion of my job is saying stuff like ‘please don’t smoke near this flammable liquid’ or other things most of us take for granted that people already know.”

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